Lettercraft Courses

Learning is the process of acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, behaviours, skills, values, or preferences. The key difference with Lettercraft is the agile approach to understanding the specific needs of our clients. Our focus is on excelling on delivering your project, learning experience or technique on time and exceeding expectations. With decades of proven skills, training and successful outcomes, our best resources are client success stories.

What you can learn

Whether you are a complete beginner or experienced in graphic design, or the like, you will receive instruction and personal attention by Master Instructors each having over 40 years’ experience in lettering, colour balance and layout.

An overview of the history of typography and the development of typefaces, brush selection and handling to gain control in forming lettering. How to set up your workspace, what aids to use and how to maintain your creative rhythm. Develop and express yourself with the fulfilling skills of forming lettering styles.

What typefaces to select in creating your piece and the message you wish to convey You'll be guided in the basics so as to develop your own style and interpretations of lettering.

If you are experienced you will be assisted to develop your techniques for commercial use. Planning your projects for success and fun. Spend time with like-minded people and have fun.

What will you take away?

WHY HAND LETTER? Because you want to and, with the assistance from Lettercraft, you can.

Hand lettering ads charm, soul and life to a project which is particularly important and relevant in our current times when nearly everyone has a degree of lettering skills born of readily available design packages. Many good folk in the new world of advertising and display and of the sign, print and graphics fields particularly, are acquiring qualifications that are becoming less valuable with many current courses lacking applicable knowledge and skillsets that are suitable to today’s technologies and the modern approach to sign manufacture which is indeed the future. Hand lettering is creative, expressive and evocative. Hand lettering is fulfilling and a whole lot of fun. Hand lettering can be a profitable inclusion in the current industry workplace adding authenticity and a human quality to many projects.

Set exercises to continue your practice, after all "repetition is the mother of skill". A CD containing 20 typefaces developed by your instructors not available elsewhere. Your own premium quality lettering brush for you to take home. Our experience and know how has developed from over four decades of dedication and commitment to the graphic design, sign design, creative advertising industries in Australia and world-wide.